BabyLogger Device

One-touch logging. Easy and intuitive for parents, grandparents & nannies.

Mount one in the nursery, on your fridge, etc. to log events with one button press. 

Mobile App

On-the-go logging. Edit any entry or add additional detail. 

Pull up reports anytime for you, your pediatrician, or daycare.

Alexa Skill

Voice command logging with Amazon Echo devices. 

No free hands? No problem. Tell Alexa to log that diaper change, feeding, etc. 


Mobile App (iOS and Android)

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Simple Reporting

Check the BabyLogger app any time to see what your baby's been doing.

There's a Pediatrician Summary for doctor's visits, a day-by-day log, and a Detail Report showing patterns in your child's activities. 

BabyLogger Grows With You

The BabyLogger platform comes pre-configured with eight common baby care activities.

What if you decide at some point you need to track different activities? Easy.

Just unlock the customization features in the app to customize what each button tracks. Track additional baby care activities, or something completely different - potty training, pet care, chores and more. 

Wondering when you can order? Look for us on KickStarter in early 2019!

You can help us bring our whole platform to market.