“I love that you just press the button and can look at the app later. I like that I don’t have to pull out my phone at 3 in the morning when I’m half asleep feeding the baby.”

“I love having the device because I don't always have to have my phone on me. New mom = living in leggings = no pockets + floppy newborn = no hand to hold my phone!”

"I love the pediatrician report. I always feel like such a negligent mom when I go for my appointment and they ask how long is he feeding, how many wet and dirty diapers on average a day, etc. because I don't know off the top of my head. I love having exact averages to answer those questions!"

“A lot of times I forget to log in real time because my hands are dirty or full and I can't push the button. So being able to enter events through voice is awesome!”

“I really like the detail report- it’s so easy to see sleep, feedings and diapers in one place." 

“I'm not always within reach of the  device, so it is helpful to continue to be able to log events with the app. I like how it lets me know how long his naps were and how long he sleeps at night.”

“Love the app. Love the fact you can get a summary of the day (love I can prove to my husband just how much sleep I’m NOT getting!)”


Lauren Longo, inventor of the BabyLogger

on why she created it for her baby