A Great Week at CES!


I've become accustomed to a constant level of exhaustion. A 1-year-old, an 8-year-old, two businesses, and an amazing but equally busy husband don't exactly translate into lots of restful evenings or spa days. But last week, I discovered a new level of exhaustion of which I didn't know I was capable. (Grammar game still on point.) 

Last week BabyLogger exhibited at CES, which was amazing! And meant traveling to Vegas for a week of 9 hour days on my feet talking about BabyLogger. After applying very late for the show and cramming what should have been months of prep into 3 and a half weeks. Story of my life, I guess. 

The show went great - despite near heart failure induced by *all* our booth signage being lost in shipping until *literally* five minutes before the show floor opened on day one. Wasn't sure I'd survive that one. But survive I did. And I'm so glad! 

Team BabyLogger had a wonderful week at the world's largest consumer electronics show. We talked with lots of media, strategic partners, investors, and of course, parents! Thanks to everyone who came by the booth, and thanks to everyone who shared BabyLogger across various media. We got tremendous exposure and are busy now capitalizing on the long list of connections we made at CES. Some of our press coverage below.

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