Small victories

A couple of weeks ago I went to my local Sign-A-Rama (who were extremely helpful, by the way) to pick up the button overlays for the pilot devices we were building. It had been a tough few days. I'd been in a few days prior to describe what I was trying to build and ask if they could help. (I got the sense it wasn't their typical day-to-day project.) But they knocked it out of the park. And when I came back to pick up the overlays, the owner of the store came out to see me. I had not met him when I was in before. He asked me what I was building, and I gave him the 30-second overview. And his response was "This is huge. I can remember so clearly sitting in that pediatrician's office every time we took our baby and thinking I had no idea how to really answer her questions. I would have loved to have a device like this." 

And that, my friends, is one of those small victories that helps keep me going through this long and sometimes painful process. A new baby is one of the greatest joys a family can have, but parents today are really struggling to keep up with all the data points they need for peace of mind, in the midst of their already over-stressed lives. BabyLogger truly does make this time easier on new parents, and we are dedicated to making it available to as many new parents as possible!