A labor of love

When I was pregnant with my son, Jack, 8 years ago, I had some idea of what it would take to bring him into the world. But not really. I knew it would be 9 months of discomfort and a million magical moments of affirmation. But I didn’t know it would take 52 hours of labor (I didn’t even know this was possible) and a type of pain I really couldn’t have prepared for until it was there.

I can honestly say at this moment, sitting at my table with a glass of wine, I’m not so sure creating this BabyLogger prototype is all that different. It’s my baby, without a doubt. I’ve stayed up countless nights with it and fallen asleep beside it more than once. And it took a *ton* more work than we ever could have imagined to bring it into being. But we did it!  

It's An eclipse miracle! We finally got all the beta devices built and tested! What’s that you say? Your office has scooters and X-boxes? Check out the Cozy Coupe in mine. Take that.

We still have some additional testing to do, but we should be able to ship beta testing devices by Wednesday or Thursday. A huge thanks to our beta testing participants who’ll help us test these out in real life use with your babies. Especially those who were hoping for devices a couple of weeks ago. We really appreciate your patience!

We did find that power management for the prototype (beta) devices was a little more than we could bite off right now without investing a significant amount of money with an engineering firm. So these prototypes are plug-in. We’ll definitely be working with an engineering firm soon, but we want to make sure real parents have had a chance to weigh in on how we can improve the function of the device first. We do NOT want to pay an engineering/design firm for a polished product and THEN find out parents wish it did something additional or worked in a different way. We really want to get it right the first time.  

Same with the app. We really want parent input on the app before we finalize it to go with the final device.

Beta testers, we can’t wait to send you your devices this week! We hope you’ll enjoy using them, and we can’t wait to hear all your feedback - good, bad, and ugly. I guess that’s where this is different from actual childbirth. You’d better not, under any circumstances, call my human babies ugly. But I really want and need you to tell me what you’d like to see different about the BabyLogger. No holding back!